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Effective Northern California Real Estate, Business Lawyer, and Probate Attorney

To draft an effective legal document, an attorney must understand his client’s situation. With John A. Runte, Attorney at Law, you get a lawyer with more than 39 years of experience handling the many details and circumstances that a good agreement should include. Good legal representation can prevent countless problems down the line.

We handle many types of legal transactions, including those in probate and estate planning, business planning and administration, real estate transactions, commercial lease drafting, and tax appeals. Whether the issue is incorporating a new business, or creating an advanced healthcare directive, we take the time to understand what you want to accomplish so we can help you reach your goals.

Client service is about more than doing what a client asks. Client service is about helping clients understand what they need, and how to get it. Preventing problems as well as solving them is the key to being a good lawyer. If your business lawyer has the experience and the knowledge to help you structure your business properly, you may be able to avoid messy disagreements and litigation later on. We always watch out for our clients’ best interests. We can help you take control of your legal future by carefully planning what you do today.

We have the training and the resources to help you find the plan that works for you. If we cannot handle your situation personally, we have a network of fellow attorneys we can refer you to.

Contact us, today, to meet with an attorney who can help you move forward. Your future is safe with us.


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